The Trouble With Comparison


Why don’t I look like her? Why am I not getting all of the opportunities he is? Why am I not as talented as she is? Why is their relationship so perfect? The list of comparisons can go on and on. The trouble with comparing yourself to someone else is that we’re not all the same…we are each fearfully and wonderfully made with our own individual gifts, talents, callings, looks, personalities and perfect plan unfolding in our lives. My timeline isn’t going to look like my best friend’s. Social media, where most people only post the positive in their lives, has the potential to turn into a competition: Who can graduate the fastest? Get the highest paying job first? Be accepted to the most prestigious grad school? Get married in the cutest venue? Parent the best? Wear the nicest clothes? Have the biggest house? Not only does comparing have the capacity to destroy self-esteem and relationships of every form, but it serves as a distraction from the ordinary things that make up an extraordinary life. So much of the beauty in this life is experienced during the waiting process, the time when you’re working, striving, planning, praying and being molded into the person you were made to be. What I’m learning, slowly but surely, is that the amount of time I put into comparing myself to other people, whether it be my voice, the credits on my resume, my body, my workout routine, my looks, my dance technique, my grades, my dreams, my accomplishments, my relationships, etc., is time I could be putting toward bettering my imperfect, very human self. It’s time I could ultimately be pursuing the path I know I’m supposed to follow. SO, while it is so hard not to fall victim to the monster of comparison, I am resolved to trust the plan AND the process, even if that means stopping in the middle of this chapter in my life and waiting.


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