As You Wish

This Fall has brought not only change in the color of leaves, but great change in my own life. Over the next few weeks I have so many fun things coming up, im-notbut in the midst of the excitement it’s almost impossible not to feel a bit overwhelmed. This upcoming week will be a rollercoaster. I will enter into tech week for a show, take on midterms, two papers, a presentation and attend my premier for “I’m Not Ashamed: The Rachel Scott Story” in theaters this Friday, October 21st (GO SEE IT!!!)


Through the busyness, however, I am reminded of the Lord’s undeniable favor on my life.

I’ve been going through a book entitled As You Wish by Mercy Lokulutu. In it, Lokulutu brings the well-known phrase from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride, to light in a different way. When Westley answers Buttercup with “as you wish” after every one of her commands, she eventually discovers its underlying meaning: I love you. Westley is surrendering his wants, his wishes, and his life to those wishes and wants of his love, the Princess Bride. Lokulutu explains that in the same way Westley surrenders to Buttercup, we must surrender to God.

This has weighed heavily in my spirit over the past few months. It’s so hard for me to give up plans I’ve already made. The challenge I have with surrendering probably stems from my Type-A personality I so often write about, but what I see time and time again in my own life is the incredible plans He has for me consistently outweigh the tiny little dreams I have for myself. When I surrender my plans, my health, my hopes, my dreams and my life at the Cross, I am demonstrating my love for God.


…that’s what I want my life to say: “As you wish, Lord.”




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