“Courage, Dear Heart…”-C.S. Lewis



“The most difficult part of making decisions isn’t figuring out the right answer (college); it’s having the courage to actually act on that knowledge…”-Business News Daily Senior Writer, Chad Brooks

I started dancing at 2 years old, did my first show at 10, began private voice lessons in the 6th grade, and being the typical “teacher’s kid” that I am, it seems I’ve always known the importance of education. For as long as I can remember the arts and academics never conflicted until this past year when I began to narrow down my college search. Being a passionate performer, who loves the Fine Arts, yet wanting to avoid being a starving artist, I decided on a well-rounded education. That decision, along with a love of politics, serving others, and leadership may later propel me into 3 years of law school. With these things in mind during my search, I categorized the colleges into three groups: 1) Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theatre programs  2) Broadcasting, Political Science, English, Pre-Law Programs  3) Liberal Arts foundation with good Theatre programs.lucy

My Senior year was a whirlwind of college auditions, classes, and touring; it was exhausting, but rewarding in the end. Thankfully, I was accepted in each BFA program I auditioned for, including Belmont’s which I had aspired to be in since singing in the Nashville Children’s Choir in middle school. The May 1st deadline presented a problem. There were so many promising possibilities with the prospective programs, and little time to compare. Eventually I realized that there was no way I could pursue my love of literature, world affairs, humanities, history, etc. and be enrolled in a challenging BFA program. And yet, I could not picture myself in the future without performing and developing my passions. After narrowing my 20 plus school options and reluctantly saying “no” to Belmont, I knew I would dive headfirst into New York City or climb to the top of a mountain. When visiting the two distinct, diverse locations, I felt equally at home. Both schools’ scholarships were slowly equalizing. I prayed, researched, made pro/con lists, and prayed some more. In the end, I chose the mountain. There, I will be a Theatre and English Literature double-major with a minor in Global Studies, while continuing to study dance, private voice, and sing with the jazz band.lit

One month from today, I will begin a new chapter as a Freshman in college. This will be a time to experience the world and its wonders, become a deeper learner, and form new, enduring and authentic relationships for a lifetime. Life has many chapters which may allow me to broadcast, work for a non-profit, attend law school, write, perform on cruise ships, cafés, stages on Broadway or elsewhere, and hopefully become a full-time mommy one day.

“Each one should use whatever gift he (she) has received to serve others, faithfully administrating God’s grace in its various forms.”- 1 Peter 4:10


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